Doull: focused attention

Okay, so there’s a bit of an issue. Or worse still: there’s a real problem. In the field of work. It concerns employment law. Whether you’re the employer or the employee, you want someone working with you who understands where you’re coming from. Who is prepared to put themselves out for you. Someone who will do everything they can to find the best solution. Who will stand up for you, fight for you, negotiate on your behalf. Someone with whom you click. That’s who I am. I’m Barbara Doull, and I can help you. As an employment lawyer. As an in-house senior employment counsel. And as an MFN registered mediator. But also as an empathetic person who likes straight talking. This combination of legal knowledge, experience and a real understanding of how individuals operate means that I can help you with every problem that arises between employer and employee. I’m here for you. With Doull focused attention. 24/7 if necessary.

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