Doull is new, fresh, and very keen. An employment law issue? Bring it on! What distinguishes Doull from the rest? I am Doull: an empathetic person who is on your side. A highly experienced employment lawyer and mediator. Who also has experience in the business world. Who understands your concerns and will do everything necessary to find a solution to the problem.

I began my career at a regional office, moved on to the international firm DLA Piper, and later to a small partnership in Amsterdam. In the years in between I deliberately chose to broaden my perspective and experience by working in-house at Maxeda and then at TomTom. Having taken time to consider all I had learned, I decided I wanted to return to being a lawyer, and a MFN registered mediator. I missed the entrepeneurialship; my role as an external advisor. It was time to start my own practice. I get satisfaction from putting all my knowledge and experience to good use, both for employers and employees. My goal? To push the boundaries in order to achieve the optimal result for you.

My extensive resume can be found on LinkedIn.

In 2001 I completed the specialist postgraduate course in employment law, Grotius Arbeidsrecht, at the Grotius Academy, Radboud University and I am a member of the following professional bodies: the Dutch Association of Employment Lawyers (VAAN), the Association for Employment Law (VvA) and the Association of Employment Lawyers in Amsterdam (VAAA).

Since 2007 I have been an MFN registered mediator and a member of the Dutch Mediators Association (NMV), the Association of Mediators in North Holland (VMNH) and the Dutch Association of Employment Law Mediators (VAN).

Sinds 2007 ben ik MfN-registermediator en lid van de verenigingen Nederlandse Mediators Vereniging (NMV), de Vereniging Mediators Noord-Holland (VMNH) en Vereniging Arbeidsrechtmediation Nederland (VAN).

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