“I would like to thank you for your advice, assistance and determination over the past few weeks. Thank you for approaching everything so pragmatically and for standing by me. I am so relieved the matter has been resolved and you were able to bring me good news today!”

In-house Lawyer, large international law firm

“As our mediator, Barbara used her knowledge and expertise in a careful and considered manner. She was well prepared, gave all parties the feeling of being heard and did not shy away from difficult situations. She has the perfect combination of professionalism and humanity, she makes good progress without leaving anyone behind. Sharp and clear for the employer and with a good relationship with the employee. If we need a mediator again, we will certainly approach her.”

Case manager, reintegration company

“Barbara is an excellent and passionate employment lawyer with a good eye for workable solutions. She managed my employment law practice exceptionally well, which allowed me the time to travel for a few months. She is also an experienced, empathic mediator. Everyone’s interests are safe in her hands.”

fellow lawyer / mediator, Amsterdam

“Barbara was very approachable and a pleasure to work with during the period that she provided legal advice and assisted us with various processes. These included an M&A process and our transition phase. Barbara is a great discussion partner for both our management team and our shareholder. She acts decisively and keeps a close eye on deadlines.”

Finance Manager, metalworking company

“Barbara was a critical component in our successful arrival at an agreement position. We entered mediation far apart in positions, and within a relatively short time, arrived at an agreement that was remarkably easy for both parties to sign up to. Barbara leveraged her useful set of skills – across mediation and legal – to create a path through the issues that we could choose to follow. Barbara was a great blend of professional and personal, a strong but light-touch mediator, very true to the process but very focused on reaching an outcome. I gladly recommend her to other managers or companies.”

Head of Marketing, multinational

“In my opinion, Barbara is an open, neutral, sharp and solid mediator. She is clear and correct in her role, respects the different points of view, steers people towards good agreements and strives for a solution that is acceptable to all parties. What I also appreciate is her sense of humor, openness and ever-cheerful personality which encourages an open approach to every conversation or situation.”

Trainer and HR advisor, education group in North Holland

“What a relief that everything has been settled! Indeed it feels unreal that the fight is over. I can finally move on and start thinking about the future. Thank you once again for your dedication and support.”

Employee of an academic publishing group

“Barbara is a forceful personality who radiates tranquility. She is pragmatic and can empathise easily with others. When I was in conflict with one of our employees, she was always focused on achieving a solution that was satisfactory to all parties. Fast, prudent and constructive.”

Director, educational institution

“A decisive and proactive specialist who can achieve the set goals with perseverance and humor. An experienced sparring partner for our HR Director and Management on everything related to employment law and employee participation. A good negotiator who works with subtle persuasiveness towards a satisfactory end result. She has excellent communication skills, a critical eye and knowledge of her profession. We have been very pleased with her advice in recent years.”

VP Human Resources, international online publisher